Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Changed Brake Pads now car won't stop!?

I drive a 2005 Mazda6i 5 door.....I changed the pads for both the front and rear of the vehicle. Once I was done I tried to drive to bed the brakes but the brakes are out....the car doesn't stop at all and the pedal basically goes all the way to the floor....did I get air in the system...or is it something more serious?
Changed Brake Pads now car won't stop!?
you have air in the system as you said. Bleed the brakes in the order recommended by Mazda.

Get a friend to work the brake pedal as it is a bit hard to do with only one person.
Changed Brake Pads now car won't stop!?
assuming you have 4 wheel disc brakes, im guessing you didnt have to open the caliper bleeders right? To replace pads, all you have to do is compress the caliper piston, and the new pads will set right in. If you didnt open the valves, give it a few more pumps, to let the pistons come back out to their normal spots. If you did open a line for some reason, you will have to bleed your brakes. Also, if you see fluid anywhere, you could have blown a caliper piston seal by pushing it in too far.
sounds like you need to bleed the brakes, get the air out, and go from there.
Did you pump the pedal several times to take up the slack from retracting the pistons?

Try that.

If you did not open up the hydraulic system, you don't need to bleed the brakes.

If, after you pump the pedal several times, you still have a low pedal, look under the car for a puddle of brake fluid. It is possible that you have a leak.